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Whether it’s formal or casual, for work or play, there’s one thing that we all need to finish off the greatest outfit – shoes. Shoes are bought on impulse, as part of special outfits and even begrudgingly by some. We spend a little on some shoes, and truly huge sums on others. And, it’s often said that there’s always a part of a woman’s brain that’s thinking about shoes.

Though it’s difficult to explain the overall fascination many have with footwear, it’s relatively easy to cater for their many tastes and interests. On this site, for example, we’re showcasing some of the most popular footwear brands on the planet – and pointing you to some of the best deals around.

Shoe shopping is often thought of as a drudgery – running from one shop to the next in the hope that somewhere, you’ll find the perfect pair of shoes and the shop will actually have your size in stock when you get there. But, thanks to the plethora of online shoe boutiques, today’s devout shoe shoppers have it much easier. And most also offer a free returns service so that any that do not fit or are not to your taste can be easily returned.

Simply decide what sort of shoe you’re after – whether it’s heels, running shoes, gorgeous flats by Faith or some casual slides by Vans – and have a nose around the various online shops to see what’s on offer. Knowing what size you take in the shoe you’re after is the only real requirement for success. Being flexible about colours might help, but it’s hardly mandatory – after all, there are scores of online shoe shops out there waiting to give you exactly what you want.

To maximise your savings, keep an eye out for shipping discounts and frequent shopper programmes – both of these can be hugely beneficial, particularly if you have a frequent need to shop for shoes!

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